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Becoming a man: Actions to increase testosterone

The proven testosterone strategies to use everyday that gives back.


Most men don't know how to increase testosterone

Recently men have given up on the importance of staying high with their health and overall life quality. Watching short-form content, watching the hub, eating horrible foods and other clear examples that ruin your life. Most men don't talk about the importance of testosterone (Test) for your life. Test is the reason your alive, why you compete in life, why life isn't just love and happiness.

Testosterone for men is an recently untapped drug that can drive you to do things you wouldn't think of in this current moment. The reason is simple; you have low test. You need to fix this, it's the reason why you can't walk up to a girl and talk to her, why your scared of a true challenge, why you don't feel aggression towards anything in life and you stay in this boring zone of acting "normal".

Examples of high test is very easy to find; the jocks in high school always competing and being loud and aggressive. The guy or 2 at work that talks to all the girls while also having a history of impressive achievements. You can easily pick out men with higher testosterone than you, we can change that. For a reference, under 100 ng/dl (Nanograms per deciliter) is very low, over 1000 is over the "healthy" range for men, aim higher.



One uncommon way of easily increasing test is sunlight, around 15-30 minutes a day of sunlight can increase your testosterone by 120%. In the morning, go outside for a little while and have at least 25% skin exposed to the sun and just do whatever, let your skin soak in the sunlight. It's also shown that men after being the sun for a certain period of time will be more flirty and show more romance. Simply going outside for 10-15 minutes can change your day with your girl, get the drive you need to do the hard things, simple but efficient.

You can't do this through a window or any form or separation from you and the sun, your eyes adjust and change your circadian rhythm to sleep better while you go outside, think the same with your body, while not really doing the same with the skin your body won't get the same benefits from a window, DIRECT sunlight on the skin.

Sun with flowers


Cold exposure

This one can be painful but, in my opinion shows the best result's in the short term. Ever see men in ice baths or saying how athletes take cold showers? I won't use science facts for this, go and test and you wait for the difference you feel.

Why are our balls on the outside of our body? One of, if not the mostly vulnerable body part we have? What would be warmer, outside our body or inside? Outside. This is why our balls actually hang outside our body, for cooler temperatures. The benefits of having them in these cold temperatures will show for itself.

Back in the day, did you know that spartans wouldn't lewt the young men bathe in the warm river because it made them "Weak"? This is a perfect example of what the warm water does to us. After one hot bath can decrease your testosterone by 50 PERCENT. If you were just 500ng/dl, your now 250ng/dl.

One concentrated time of very hot temperatures ruined your manly hood and affected the next 2-4 days of your life, negatively. Take a cold shower, or bath if your really curious, watch the energy you get and the drive to do harder things over the next couple of hours. That's testosterone flowing through your blood, slowly getting you closer to your potential as a man. Get your daily cold exposure and watch how your life changes with every little bit of drive you get.



Where do you think you testosterone comes from, if not where, when? The majority of you testosterone is made while you sleep. This can be good or bad, depending on your sleep. You already know your quality of sleep, your testosterone does too.

Most of your test is made while you sleep so most of it can be lost by lack of sleep. Everyday you sleep bad, your test gets hurt. The shorter amount of time you sleep the less time your body has to develop testosterone. A healthy amount of test is largely depending on the quality of your sleep and how long you give your body to develop the high amount of test needed for the next day.

With all the other variables sleep changes (If you want to find out check here; (

The changes you are forced to deal with after a bad night sleep can be detrimental to your health. Take the step and change your standards of health, the men around you who sleep better will always be better than you.

Letting yourself faltere with health as a man is submitting to other men showing your weakness to do what is necessary, to be an independant, strong man, start with good sleep.



Working out can be in many different forms, cardio, strength training or maybe its just stretching and yoga. All forms of exercise seem to increase test, but there are certain types that can increase test more than others.

Some examples of this is mainly HIIT training and strength training. The two of these form of exercise are the best for getting the high test results and while also building a good form, essential for a cornerstone of attraction.

Working out can make the testosterone in your body skyrocket. You can already picture it, imagine yourself, bigger, stronger, girls paying attention to you. Lifting heavy weight can be very beneficial for your test as well as your confidence, dopamine and for attraction.

If you don't already workout, start with either 3-4 days of weight training or HIIT training. Feel the benefits of higher dopamine (motivation to do harder things), cardiovascular health and all other benefits you will rep from simple hour long increments of exercise. Dedicate yourself.

Also know that a workout that is too harsh on the muscles or is too long will slowly start decreasing the amount of test you will receive from the end of th workout. Make the workout short and hard, but to to the difficulty where pain is felt or any other health problems, it won't help your want to workout if you push too hard everyday. I used to do the same for all you that don't believe me, take it a little bit easier, stretch before your workout to reduce chances of injury and promote muscle growth.

Shirtless muscular man



Short and simple, not avoiding the act of making love but not ejaculating and holding in it will increase your testosterone by 400%! This is done by a primal instinct that our brain thinks we stopped because of imminent danger or need to defend your family or tribe.

The possosite is also true, after ejaculating you will lose testosterone going "dad mode". For a certain time your testosterone will be below baseline and you won't have the same desire to make love with your woman.


The benefits

You probably barely know the benefits of high test, that's also why you probably don't care as much about it right now. Testosterone can do a list of things for you, such as;

  • Increase desire to compete

  • Aggression and acts of domination

  • Higher sexual desire (Higher libido)

  • Increased muscle mass

  • Goal-driven

  • Enjoys hard work

  • More daily erections

  • More socially-unacceptable thoughts (We all have them)

  • Etc.

Some of those will or won't be broadcasted online as some are more quiet and can be considered as negative. How is it negatives for a man to have more of the hormone that makes him attractive to girls, makes him work harder, compete more, be stronger, gets harder etc.?

People have recently tricked men into thinking testosterone is bad in high amounts. If your google the effects of test, you will find a page about all the "negative" things test can give us. The reason we have multi-billion dollar business men is because of testosterone, why men compete so hard in sports, why girls fantasize about the aggression and sexual desire we had for them.

Test is essential for a great life for a man. The benefits far outweigh any effects that may seem unattractive or unacceptable. Increase the hormone that makes you a man, use it to your advantage and it will take you places you never thought you would get to, it will change your life.

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