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Deep work: The Secret of productivity


be the hardest worker, dominate the competition

Lately men have been sloppy, lazy and unworthy workers compared to what we used to be in the past. When we do a certain amount of work, we check our phones to get a bit of extra dopamine to get the motivation to do the work after your cute phone break.

Men used to be strong, why do girls have to work now? Do they enjoy it? You and your wife probably hate the work you do everyday, minimum pay, bad hours, worse treatment. I'll get to that in a different post.

Lately, everyone has lost the benefits and the steps towards effective and consistent productivity. I'm here to change that, with a simple exercise called deep work, do what your co-workers do in 4 hours or less, keep reading.


laptop on a desk with plants

What is deep work?

Deep work is simple but effective, take every single distraction around you away and spend at least an hour and at most 4 hours working. No distractions, no thoughts other than the current work your focused on, deep into the work your doing.

I do this everyday, i do 2 sessions of an hour and a half deep work sessions daily. In only 1 session i can write a full post, make a call with a customer and customize business. It takes me minimal time to get what some people call "big" tasks done in under an hour.

Use this in your life, school, work, food, gym anything. Take distractions away and do the work needed. Get 2 times the amount done in an hour, by the end of the day you do more than you ever thought possible.


How do you do deep work?

Only negative thing about deep work is its hard for soft men. I grantee if your a weak, feminine man that can't do simple chores and can';t satisfy his wife or family, you won't be able to. To take away your phone, hobbies and entertainments away for certain period of time and do something you sometimes won't want to do is not easy.

My advice? Make it hard, sell your gaming console, take your hobbies into another room, let no one inside your session of deep work, just you and your tasks. I sit in my basement, no games, no phone, no distractions, no one comes down and i work. Make the change you need.

If your at work filled with people, find something that helps you focus, find ways do the work. Look around a look at all the weak co-workers, see how distracted they are, pulled away from their phones. They are so lost they can't even respond to you when you talk to them, find anger in the weakness of other people.

Your deep work will outperform everyone, it may or may not be the point for you. I want you to use it, channel it to one task or a specific set of tasks and do it. Find the strength, no one distracts you, no one can sway you of your session, get the work done, outcompete everyone.


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The advantage

Deep work can be a very big benefit of life when used correctly. I used it to make this business i share with you daily, to build a community of strong young men wanting to change. You might use it for school, watch how easy it is to finish your work when all you do is work until your done. Use it while living your 9-5 and get that promotion for our incredible effort, which for you seems average.

Get used to it, use deep work to fly through taks, impress others, make life seem easy, no matter the work load. A simple but often difficult sacrifice.

If you have trouble staying focused and get distracted easily your gone down the wrong path, but it can be fixed. Dopamine is the hormone for motivation, not happiness, find out from me and others how to get it higher. A simple way to get dopamine higher is doing hard things. It's the hormone that makes you feel good after doing something hard. Get it high enough and deep work is effortless.

Make work fun, make school a joke, make life easier with these minor deep sessions of work. Cut your work time in half and still get more done than you ever have.

To your Success.

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