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Dopamine Detox: Reset your life

For a complete productivity reset, take away bad habits and change your life forever


What a dopamine detox does

A dopamine detox is for people ho are living in a lifer full of bad habits and wasted time. Dopamine is the hormone in your body that makes us feel motivated, which if used correctly, makes you feel happy. The process is, put simply, to take away all high dopamine activities that are unhealthy for a certain period of time.

There are two types, short and long term. Short term is very extreme, no phone, no music, no TV, anything that would give u a shot of dopamine. This is the extreme way of dopamine detox that can last from anywhere from 1 day top 2 weeks.

The long term is still extreme just in a different way. The long term can be for a period of a year or more. This is more of a manageable lifestyle change that can forever change your life. Short term will change your life but after a while if you don't stay somewhat accountable you will reset with high dopamine again and make your baseline for happiness very low, not good.

With the long term the rules are a little less strict but still very efficient can still can be difficult. Rules like what you can eat for your diet, changing normal bad habits to either spend less time doing them or better taking them out completely for better habits.


Man meditating on a cliff next to ocean

What to do

For a dopamine detox focus on eliminating the bad habits and replacing them for good ones, go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier, get morning sunlight, meditate, stretch, do yoga etc. Find the most beneficial, long term healthy habits you want to stick with.

My recommendation first would 100% be meditation, finding mindfulness is a long journey and starting with a dopamine detox would change your life alone. Find some time during the morning or ight or even during the day and start with small goals, 1-3 minute meditation.

Form other habits like reading, start reading for a couple minutes a day about something your interested about.

Go for a walk, get sunlight on your skin and in your eyes, get high testosterone and higher dopamine all in one.

Start exercising, make time to start with something, i started going with my friends to the gym and i stuck with it, find accountability partners.

Muscular man sitting on a couch reading a book

The benefits of the detox

The benefits of dopamine detox is something you could never imagine. I've done it before, again and again, it's never failed me.

Getting a higher dopamine baseline means your constantly more motivated and happy. You find more joy in doing daily hard tasks, which also makes you feel better. You find you live a life of true improvement and happiness filled with productivity and healthy habits.

I first started this in 2022, i did a long term dopamine detox, my screen time cut down by three fold, i started meditating, made a 6-day-a-week gym schedule. By 2023, i quit video games, became a entrepreneur, significantly increased testosterone and gotten a grateful, loving, feminine girl.

It changed my life, made relationships better, my life was better and it changed me and my future since the first day i started on this journey.

Your most likely not strong enough to start right now, if you do that's great. If you don't i want you to start on the monday coming up, commit, long term or short term, don't be a little boy playing he's cute video games and start being a man.

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