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Meditating: Improve Your Mind

Find peace in life, be more efficient and controlled with your daily thoughts


Meditation sounds stupid and useless

A lot of people are thinking this exact thing, its like other similar health facts that breo you, yoga, stretching, etc. The mistake that people have while improving themselves is not having an open mind.

Have you ever actually seen someone meditate for the first time and sy how terrible it was or how they felt the worse afterwards? I doubt it.

Meditation is time for our brain waves to slow down, for our thoughts to go away best they can, be present with the moment and learn how you really should be living life.

It may sound boring at first but that's just because your life is filled with so much dopamine you waste time on the useless highs of dopamine (Tv, video games, drugs, unloving sex etc.) and end up finding the healthy choices you can take in life too boring. Basically, your a loser when it comes to this kinda stuff.

Find the strength to notice that it is true, your dragged down by bad habits and high dopamine spikes. Let this sink in and now ask yourself "do i want to change for the best, or stay as a weak little man who can't even sit down and enjoy time doing productive things with his time"?

I appreciate you already taking the time to start by reading this article, now, you just have to take action.

Man meditating in home


What meditation actually does for you

Meditation is a form of a mental exercise, not in the way where your brain spikes up and your getting smarter, although somewhat true in a certain way. Meditation is simply this; sit down comfortably, close your eyes and do your very best to clear your mind of thoughts for a certain period of time.

Meditation is so good for you because of the things it does to you that you notice right away, while also unlocking more things as you get a daily streak started.

From experience, i've gotten more peace in my mind afterwards, after a while i got so calm emotions rarely get to me, i can do things without getting frustrated or brought down/tired. My brain is more clear, i can control what thoughts i have better a use them to form better ideas than before.

This is more long term, i could have give you more examples but, your not there yet and i want you should try and aim for those few benefits listed above.

These are the more instant benefits given from my own experience; a greater sense of calm right after meditating and throughout the day. Less brain fog, actually sitting down being present and hearing and reacting to things around you, having a overall better dopamine baseline for life, being more driven to do the good, healthy things you can get from life.

If you want more science, ill explain what meditating does inside the brain, things such as;

  • Increases gray matter in the brain (increased effectiveness of the brain overall)

  • Smaller amygdala in the brain (literally the things that gives you stress, gets physically smaller in your head.)

  • Improves cognitive function (brain works better and more efficient)

  • Improved neuroplasticity ( for your brain to change and understand from experiences and learning)

There are many more special little things meditating does for you but, just those facts alone should show you have beneficial it can be to meditate daily.

Another thing, don't say you can't. You can reap these benefits with literally 2 minutes of your day, the longer the better usually, but 2 minutes would help your life more than you think. if you don't do it, it's on you.

Man meditating out on a mountain painting


How to Meditate

Some people think its so special to be able to meditate, im telling you, you can do it exactly where you are right now. Others think you need to know special hands symbols or sit a certain way or breathe in a specific rhythm.

Meditation is meant to be calm and to make life easier for yourself, having to worry at the start about all that isn't going to help. Start simple, sit down, doesn't' matter how, close your eyes and take some deep breaths for 1 minutes.

There, that would be a 1 minute meditation session.

Don't overcomplicate it, usually things are simpler than they seem, this is one of them.

Try it, find your peace and find control in the things you can. Make your mind your friend, think better, control your own emotions, be happy, find the benefits of meditating.

To your success.

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