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The Benefits of Sleep: Exploring the Power of Rest

Updated: Jan 17


The benefits of sleep will change your life.

People always think "If i get enough sleep tonight, i will wake up fresh and energized tomorrow". Most don't know the true benefits of what happens during your sleep cycle and how crucial it is for parts of life you would never think are important.

The benefits of sleep is something that isn't talked about enough, we plan to help you understand the important facts of sleep and why its so important, things simple as losing weight faster to living a longer life!

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The truth is; the better your sleep at night the longer you will live. During sleep we have times when our body turns off, our brain slows down, muscles relax and we lay motionless. This is called "deep sleep" or NREM levels 3 or 4 if you want to be smart about it. This is the time that your body restores itself and recovers from the day. To be more bold, the less deep sleep you get the less your body will recover & you will die earlier in life.

Simple things such as lower deep sleep won't help your immune system recover to it's "optimal state". As this happens from lack of sleep or overall bad quality sleep you end up with a weak immune system which causes your body to have an easier time getting sick and developing worse later o in life. Losing 1 hour of sleep could be the 20 minutes of deep sleep you needed to recover and maintain a healthy immune system.

As this continues throughout your life until your later years, you can develop things like cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart attack just as your immune system has no defenses after a life of bad sleep. In simple terms, an extra hour an night can add 10 years to your life, crazy isn't it?


Diet & Weight loss

Most people end up blaming their genetics for not being able to lose weight and staying at the undesired weight they can't seem to escape. Some people blame the one cheat day they have that "Made them gain 3 pounds in a day". Most people don't ask the important, smart questions "How did i sleep last night?". See, i talked about deep sleep resets your body, right?

Well, an important part of your body is your metabolism (MET), which if you haven't found out previously is the system where your body burns calories. Everybody has a different MET and can cause a big different on the skinny guy/girl that can't gain weight no matter what he does and the other guy/girl that can't lose weight or worse, can't stop gaining it. One factor people don't take into consideration is the restoring time of sleep that resets your MET to it's optimal state.

In a way, with a low calorie diet with sufficient protein and low carbohydrates mixed with good sleep can be the missing ingredient to your weight loss journey or, even to gain muscle. if your stuck with your weight... sleep better. Sleep earlier or wake up later, add more time to your overall sleep & observe the difference in results.

Putting food in a Bowl

If you need fitness advice, let me coach you.;


Healthy mind

Everyone says "A healthy body leads to a healthy mind" well what if it was reversed? Most people don't realize that the brain is the thing that makes you do the actions that gave you that healthy body. Really you should focus on the mental to help with the physical, not the opposite. One of many ways of doing it is...sleep, big surprise. Coming back to deep sleep, but also adding new type of sleep, REM sleep which stands for "Rapid-eye-movement" sleep. I know that could sound creepy but this is the time of your sleep when you start dreaming.

You already know that the deep sleep helps restore the body's functions which does include the brain which means the deep sleep you get at night is the reason you can do the second grade math your boss gave you. On the other hand, during REM sleep, your brain is like a hard drive, you store all these memory's and images in your mind. REM sleep is the time in which the memory get saved from that day & can also be the reason you don't remember your dreams in the morning.

Overall at the top of the morning the combination of deep sleep and REM sleep improves memory and brain function, assuming you get healthy amount & quality. Understand that you need good sleep for these benefits, take baby steps.

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For these benefits of sleep and the life it can give you, make the changes! Adjust your sleep schedule, don't eat before bed, dim the lights etc. Any changes you make can have a profound change in your body's health as well as your mind. Remember the benefits & make the changes you need for a better life. We're here to help & reach our goals together.

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