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Why your diet is killing you.

Updated: Jan 17

the relationship of diet and masculinity

We don't need science for this, science is something we need to use for something we haven't known before. At this point you should know that healthy dieting is important and yet nobody cares about the benefits of a good diet and chose to stay as this lump.

Your girl isn't into you, you feel tired all the time, your brain is foggy and you can't remember what you just read. People don't realize that diet isn't just for losing that weight they've been aiming for or feeling better throughout the day because of the morning green shake. Diet is a cornerstone of how your life can be great.

vegetables with diet plan book on table


You probably eat way worse than you think.

Everyone has the same mindset about food, what's healthy and what isn't. Most of that is wrong. Your a man trying (or should be) to be healthy and feel those benefits. I'll tell you stuff that can blow your mind about how bad your health really is.

Think of butter, it's nice on bread, nice put in a pan and overall a nice food choice. One thing that doesn't come to mind is that you probably have the fake garbage that everyone buys. Things like margarine or stupid brands that tell you upfront it's not butter, it destroys you. Leave this device right now and go read the side of your "butter". It's filled with stuff you can't even pronounce.

This butter decreases testosterone. it messes with your hormones and more and more of these fake chemical products everyday, you slowly turn into a feminine guy that no girl or man would want to deal with. Your friends are your friends because they also eat this stuff. You don't realize your potential of what you can be with little changes, throw it away and get the real stuff.


eat like you would 10000 years ago.

Seriously, what do you think cavemen ate with their tribe or with their wife before they went out for a hunt? You think they had a little bowl of popcorn with a fat rolling down their arms laughing with their friends? No, when men used to be strong, have a clear mind, broad backs and intimidating looks we ate like all the other animals did.

We went out on a hunt and came back with meat maybe veggies later years with farming. We lived off of meat and very few vegetables. You can picture the masculine strong guy that you in the modern day would never have the balls to look at. These men are what we should be, yet we are 10000 years ahead and look like there 4 year old kid.

Eat how they would, meat, eggs, any food from the ground, eat like a caveman. Your mind will be clear, you will feel strong around your girl and you can show your friends the benefits of REAL butter.

Meat tray with veggies


What it will do for you

The benefits these simple changes will make you so much stronger, like you should. Your mind will be clear and sharp everyday. You can wake up energized and have the love you need to show your gratitude for your family. Your work efficiency will improve, your school grades, your business progress. Work on your diet and it will help you through more than weight loss and feel-good energy. It's not complicated, just ask yourself "would a man 10000 years ago eat this?", if not, don't, Simple.


Find a balance

Money exists when it didn't long ago, find balance between health and money, for me i go out and get 36 eggs for one week and try to get around 3 meals a week being meat with vegetables or some healthy food choices added in. Don't be that guy that has to cheat, find discipline in the opportunity's to do-so. Use your goals as a way to skyrocket your progress as becoming this new man.

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