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I failed: how to come back stronger

Failing, big or small, is how we grow

The life i had, this business, this lifestyle is what I've always wanted. I have a vacation in 7 days,1 week.

About 3 weeks before this vacation i got weak, slacked on routine, discipline, this business.

Now your wondering why I'm back here one week before THAT VACATION.


Someone or something will give you a harsh reminder

For me? It as both.

I had someone see me fail in a way i haven't failed in over a year, that person with the combination of that failure showed me the weakness and consequences of what I've done with myself.

This was last night. Now I'm here.

The Feeling of disappointment and the turning point in my brain happened right then, when i failed to something i never thought i would. I made my mind go, non-stop, until i fell asleep.

Passion led us here written on pavement


Use your burning desire to come back stronger

If it didn't hurt, make you rethink what your life is, this isn't for you.

You haven't reached the point where you realize what your doing to yourself just isn't you. You need pain to feel the burn, the motivation and to change for what you should be, not what you are right now.

This event with me was yesterday, i was lacking, taking it easy and living a unsuccessful life. This morning, i woke up earlier then i have in a month, did more work then i have in the past month.

I used that burning desire to come back stronger.

I following the exact schedule i had before i started falling off, it's 6:46am, working to give you what i know, to help you.

Office setting with quote on Apple desktop


Use your mistakes as a reason to keep going

I'm using my failure yesterday as why i need to keep working hard today.

I remind myself of what will happen if i fall back into simple life, one without purpose.

As a man, you get weak, physically, mentally and spiritually. Your not the strong man everyone remembers, you lack discipline, you don't do your work, go far enough? You can't even get hard in bed.

You might not believe me when I'm telling you your work, your purpose is the one thing keeping you strong, sounds stupid and irrational.

But it's true.

Follow your purpose, find strength in your daily life, stop being a pussy lying around, watching movies, playing video games, watching porn.

If you follow that life, you won't be successful. You won't ever be able to become the man you think about being.

Keep learning, meditating, working, following our purpose.

Find the strength in the path that life will take you on.

To your success

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